Nevermore - India Porter 5% ABV

Using what we need and nevermore

Every year we collaborate with other breweries near and far to explore new flavours and brew styles, and to reimagine some old favourites. This year we’re releasing four new brews inspired by our long history of running our business sustainably. Each beer will highlight a new commitment on our journey towards a sustainable future and we will be partnering with breweries that share the same ethos and attitude.

An India Porter perfect for Spring

The beer’s name is taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem ‘The Raven’, and it’s inspired by Adnams’ Ghost Ship and Thornbridge’s Wild Raven. Our brewers have conjured up the spirit of both beers and reimagined them with modern British hops. When brought together in collaboration, the result was this refreshingly fruity 5.0% India Porter that’s bittersweet – just like Poe’s haunting tale.

Locally sourced malt provides a rich, toasty balance to a raft of fresh UK hops. Hints of milk chocolate and coconut, and just a touch of smoke, give a subtle complexity. You’ll find flavours and aromas of juicy pineapple and grapefruit and resinous pine, along with earthy herbs and a lovely spicy bouquet. It has that medium-bodied mouthfeel you’d expect from a porter and smooth, clean bittering characteristics.

IBU: 42

Crafting a sustainable future

Our sustainability focus for Nevermore is simple: use what we need and never more. Championing British hops and local grain is integral to this.

Some of the best grain in the world is grown in East Anglia so we would be mad not to stay local. We have been working with local grain growers on the Holkham Estate for nearly 10 years to sustainably grow the grains used in our beers and spirits, and we are proud to continue this relationship for many more years to come.

We use many varieties of hops in our brewery, and this brew allowed us to discover some of the new varieties being developed by UK hop growers. With this brew, we’re committing to using around two tons of UK hops and five different varieties including Jester and Harlequin. British hops don’t just allow us to discover new varieties, they’re also better for the environment than their US and New Zealand cousins, having a lower carbon footprint and using less irrigation when growing. We look forward to expanding our use of UK hops in the future, developing relationships with British hop growers and showcasing new flavours.

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