Friends of Adnams Shareholder Loyalty Scheme

Please complete this simple form to confirm your shareholder status and set up access to the Friends of Adnams shareholder loyalty scheme’s discount and benefits. It should only take a couple of minutes. Please note, before you start you will need either…

Your Investor Code (IVC number)

If you hold your shares in your name, it can be found on your Share Certificate, a Dividend Confirmation Statement, or the letter you received about the Friends of Adnams scheme.


Your Brokers unique ‘Adnams Code’

If your shares are held in a nominee account, you should have received this via communications from your broker. If you do not have this, please contact your broker before completing the declaration.


Shareholder Loyalty Scheme Terms and Conditions

Already Registered?

Download the 'Friends of Adnams' App now

One of the first benefits you will receive from the scheme is our new Friends of Adnams app. It is available to download in the Apple and Google Play Store.

It will become your new shareholder ID for using in person when visiting our managed pubs and hotels, and Adnams stores. It also contains a QR code, which can be scanned to quickly verify you as an Adnams shareholder and apply your discounts and other rewards.

The Friends of Adnams app can be downloaded to a maximum of two devices, connected to a verified shareholding.