Adnams Modern Slavery sTatement

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps taken by Adnams plc, up to our financial year end of 31st December 2021, to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

Our Business

Adnams is a brewer and distiller, pub owner and retailer based in Southwold on the east coast of Suffolk where it has been producing a range of award-winning beers and spirits for 150 years. It is a company defined by its values which can be summarised as not just “doing things right” but “doing things the right way”.

Our values are our guiding principles and as such plot the route for us to follow, from reducing our environmental impact to helping the communities in which we and our suppliers operate.

Our Supply Chains

With a diverse portfolio of products and services Adnams has over one thousand tier one suppliers from whom we are actively sourcing at any given time. These range from local to international farmers providing raw materials for our beers or food for our chefs, internationally sourced independent wines and UK based multinational drinks businesses.

As a manufacturer of beers and spirits we are required to source raw materials as ingredients from around the world operating in a multitude of differing conditions and each facing unique challenges; for which we recognise as a key risk to our organisation.

Having a 150-year history of producing quality products most of our supply partners are long standing, sharing our core values and principles and thus allowing for open dialogue on key issues such as Modern Slavery.


Our internal policies on purchases are set out in our procurement policy, which confirms we will not tolerate abuse of human rights within any part of our business or supply chain.

Adnams recognises that our employees are fundamental to our business and as such ensure our own employment procedures and checks minimise the risk of any kind of modern slavery practices taking place within our own business. These procedures and checks are also applied to any staff employment via contracted or agency services that may be provided to us.

Our employment policies safeguard our staff allowing them to raise concerns and provide them access to confidential whistleblowing processes as written in our Whistleblowing Policy which forms part of our Staff Handbook, easily accessible to all our staff and is available to our suppliers upon request.

In 2021 Adnams ensured its employees fair renumeration by introducing the living wage to all of its employees. We reviewed many of our policies which are designed to minimise the risks of modern slavery in our business or supply chain, with the aim of relaunching this in 2022; making them easily available to our staff and supply chain.

Due Diligence processes

It is the responsibility of all senior managers to ensure that any procurement or hiring undertaken within their areas follows Adnams policies and adheres to our core values, including the regular review of suppliers for suitability and risk.

Adnams Assessment of Modern Slavery risk within our supply chain

In the year ending 31st December 2021 Adnams procured products or services, either directly or indirectly, from up to 40 countries worldwide. The majority of our spend has been with suppliers based either in the UK or the European Union.

We recognise that one of our biggest risks within our supply chain is where we are not purchasing directly from the primary producer and are therefore reliant upon our suppliers to ensure that these policies are followed. We have, for example, identified potential risks in the procurement of the botanicals required in the production of our spirits which shall be reviewed in 2022.

We will continue to review this policy and undertake the necessary actions, including moving the business away from suppliers should we have concerns about their compliance with this policy, the law on modern slavery or any of their ethical or environmental practices.

Modern Slavery Training

All key members of staff with touch points to either our suppliers or our recruitment processes have been trained to enable them to identify any potential risks and to escalate these should it be necessary.

Further Steps to Prevent Modern Slavery in our Supply Chain:

Adnams maintains active membership within a number of trade, regulatory and voluntary bodies to share resources, knowledge and best practices thereby ensuring continued improvement in knowledge by our employees and peers.
We continue, where relevant and applicable, to offer our expertise to suppliers and partners to ensure that they understand the regulations and our policies.

Wherever practical we move the supply of high-risk items to products which are verified as complying with these regulations by other relevant recognised bodies such as Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance.

Assessment of Effectiveness in Preventing Modern Slavery

We understand that the Modern Slavery risk is not static, and we will continue to work with our suppliers to mitigate this risk in the year ahead.

In 2022 we commit ourselves to continuous improvement within this area; specifically, by augmenting our current processes with new risk management tools, additional industry and audit data, as well as improved supplier approval processes. Refresher training will be due for all key staff and we will review the extension of training activities to a wider scope of employees including new starters.

This statement was approved by the board of directors of Adnams plc on the 25th February 2022.

Jenny Hanlon

Jenny Hanlon Signature

Chief Financial Officer 25th February 2022

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