Equal Pay Statement and Gender Pay Gap 2020

In this most challenging of years, Adnams remains as committed as ever to the principles of equal pay for all our employees. We continue to operate a fair job evaluation scheme to measure the relative value of all roles within our business that is consistent and transparent. We ensure there is no gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay between males and females is a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. As we look to tackle inequality of all kinds we will extend this level of scrutiny to all minority groups within our business and will report with the same transparency.

We are committed to conducting regular pay audits and pay reviews and taking swift and specific action to address any inequality should it be highlighted.

The information we are required by legislation to publish is detailed below. Average male pay is currently higher than average female pay.

Mean Pay Gap                                13%

Median Pay Gap                              9%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap                     14%

Median Bonus Pay Gap                   0%

Males receiving Bonus Pay             10%

Females receiving Bonus Pay         10%


Quartile Distribution Male/Female

Lower Quartile                                  48/52

Lower Middle Quartile                     51/49

Upper Middle Quartile                    65/35

Upper Quartile                                  50/50

Total Population                               54/46


Pay Gap

We have seen a further small reduction in our Mean Pay Gap but our Median Pay Gap has returned to a higher level after a significant drop last year.

Bonus Pay Gap

10% of our employees received a bonus payment. The Mean Bonus Gap figure is again distorted by one male member of the Sales Team receiving a bonus payment. If this figure is removed the gap reduces significantly. Bonus payments do not form a large part of the remuneration package for our employees and the figure can therefore be easily distorted.

Quartile Distribution

Adnams have successfully facilitated the progression of female employees internally and ensures there are no barriers to female candidates being appointed into senior roles. There is a strong pipeline of female talent within the region and within our business and we still believe this will continue to have a positive impact on future quartile distribution figures. Our Talent Management Strategies ensure potential is identified and developed at all levels and across all business areas regardless of gender. Our approach to flexible working continues to ensure that opportunities are available for all based on aptitude and ability.