Adnams + digital distiller

As one of England's longest established whisky distilleries, Adnams is delighted to be offering an opportunity to buy full casks of our award-winning whiskies

We've teamed up with English Whisky Specialists: Digital Distiller to offer exclusive access to some of our aged whisky whilst still in cask.


Locally grown grains, including 100% Malted Premium Anglian Barley, grown by Adnams

Choice of Casks

Choose from a range of cask types from New French or American Oak to 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Casks.

Safe Storage

All casks fully owned by you and stored in purpose built facilities designed for storing spirits casks

This is a rare opportunity to get hold of a range of our award-winning whiskies: Single Malts, Rye Malt and Triple Malt Whiskies aged in a variety of different woods.

This release of four different aged whiskies gives rare access to the building blocks of our award-winning range.

English Single Malt Whisky, available in:

  • New French Oak casks as well as
  • Ex-Bourbon barrels
  • English Rye Malt Whisky
  • New French Oak casks
  • English Triple Malt Whisky
  • New American Oak casks

Many cask owners choose to age their casks for years to come before either selling it on, or bottling, often with personalised labels.
Prices start at £5499.00