Crafting a sustainable future

Every year we collaborate with other breweries to explore new flavours, brew new styles, and to reimagine some old favourites. This year we’re releasing four beers inspired by our long history of running our business sustainably. Each beer will highlight a new commitment on our journey towards a sustainable future and we will be partnering with breweries that share the same ethos and attitude.

Citrus, tea I.P.A.

The third beer in the series, is Clipping Waves, a citrus Tea IPA. We’ve joined forces with Scotland’s Brewgooder, who believe beer can create waves of positivity for people around the world, by funding clean water projects. Our own proximity to the coast in Southwold means we see the impact of climate change every day and as a result we have always looked to reduce our demand on our natural resources. Each can of Clipping Waves sold will contribute towards Brewgooder’s water projects in India.

When sailing, boats can trim or clip waves, instead of just ploughing through. This is an efficient and sustainable motion that enables them to reduce their impact on the water, while maintaining forward momentum. We felt this action was mirrored in the sustainable choices made by Adnams and our collaborative friends at Brewgooder and it also inspired the name.

The Olicana® hops in Clipping Waves add flavours of mango and grapefruit, while Sabro’s herb and coconut notes act as a bridge between the hops and the underlying floral spice and cleansing tannins of Darjeeling and chai tea.

Protecting our resources and developing access to water

Suffolk is one of the driest parts of the UK, making us conscious of our water use. We make every effort to understand where we can lower our consumption and design in mitigation from the start. One of our biggest users of water in recent years has been the cooling in the distillery. Our projects have been making progress, and we are seeing a step change in the results that will equate to a saving of around 2 million litres this year.

Brewgooder is supporting two local partners in India in their efforts to improve sanitation and water access. The Jal Bhagirathi Foundation is working on rainwater harvesting projects at a household-level, in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and Gram Vikas works in Odisha state and specialises in piped water systems that bring water directly into every home and school in a community.

The Facts

HOPS: Sabro and Olicana®

MALT: Pale Ale

OTHER: Darjeeling Tea, Chai Tea and Cardamom

ABV: 5%

IBU: 35

GREAT WITH: A Korma or Thai Curry & Coconut Rice

Available in cask in selected pubs from 9th August andin 330ml Cans here.

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