Crafting a sustainable future

Every year we collaborate with other breweries near and far to explore new flavours and brew styles, and to reimagine some old favourites. This year we’re releasing four new brews inspired by our long history of running our business sustainably. Each beer will highlight a new commitment on our journey towards a sustainable future and we will be partnering with breweries that share the same ethos and attitude.

A Juicy Farmhouse Pale Ale

For our second beer of the series, we’ve joined forces with Harbour Brewing Co. in Cornwall. While we both have a deep connection with the coast, the farm is Harbour’s home and this has inspired us to brew Break Point, a farmhouse pale ale, in which land and sea collide.

As well as their main site, Harbour have a smaller brewhouse where they brew with local ingredients - in essence, a farmhouse brewery. Keen to embrace the farmhouse process, we’ve used a kveik yeast strain, which is used in farmhouse brewing in Norway.

It has created big waves of tropical fruit flavour balanced by a caramelised undercurrent, thanks to the addition of local malted barley and rye. The result is a juicy farmhouse pale, the colour of fresh straw.


Shrinking our Shrink Wrap Use

Adnams 2021 Collaboration Series focuses on our journey towards a sustainable future and during the year we will be working with like-minded breweries. With each collaboration brew, we will make a new commitment towards our continuing Sustainable Story. With the launch of Break Point, Adnams is committing to the removal of plastic from all future 12 pack collab brew cases.

In addition, all new Adnams products will launch in cardboard cartons rather than in shrink-wrapped trays, where it is at all possible. We have been pursuing this for a while and started the process with new bottled releases such as Old Ale.

In the next 12 months, by using cardboard rather than tray and shrink, we will reduce our use of shrink wrap plastic by approximately 1.8 tonnes.

There may be an occasion when the use of plastic is out of our control, but this is a continuing commitment, and we have additional plans in development.

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The Facts

HOPS: Citra

MALTS: Pale Ale Malt and Pale Rye

TASTE: Fruity tropical nose and biscuity palate

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 40

GREAT WITH: Sticky Pork Bao Buns or Katzu Curry


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