Footprint award-winner 2019: 'Energy Efficiency' and Runner Up: 'Sustainable Use of Natural Resources'


With Adnams company values rooted in making great products without costing the earth, we're delighted to have won the 'Energy Efficiency' award in the national Footprint Awards, which recognise excellence for sustainable business practice.


We were also nominated runner up in the 'Sustainable Use of Natural Resources' award at the black tie ceremony held on World Environment Day. Adnams Environmental Sustainability Manager, Benedict Orchard, collected the award at the ceremony at RIBA on behalf of the Adnams team.


Both award entries were based around the Adnams brewery and distillery's innovative heat and water recovery system. This system was an idea inspired after a knowledge-sharing visit with The National Trust examining the principle of viewing waste materials as resources. In our case, this means water and heat.


The technology exchanges heat from the water-cooled condensing process in our distillery and passes that heat on to warm up the brewing liquor for our brewery to use when mashing in. The process leaves behind cold water which can be reused in a closed loop for the next batch of spirits.


Overall, this project is saving around 10% energy and 85% of the water needs in our distillery. This has a cumulative effect on reducing our total energy demand. All the electricity used in making our spirits and beers is from 100% renewable sources.


The judges commented that they awarded Adnams the top prize for the Energy Efficieny Award as they loved the entry on many levels: “This company clearly has sustainability embedded throughout the organisation, sharing knowledge, collaboration and embracing the circular economy, achieving great things for the company, Suffolk and Britain.”


Dr Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams, said: "Our company values are rooted in making great products without costing the earth. We’re in it for the long-term and we will continue to invest and innovate – to be recognised is wonderful, not only for everyone in the business, but also highlights what is possible when you put sustainability at the heart of what you do."