The Adnams Wine Festival - Adnams Shiraz

Welcome to week 2 of the Adnams Wine Festival. Moving away from the traditionalist wine production of France, we are now turning to the New World.

The widely used term, ‘New World’ refers to wines produced outside traditional European and Middle Eastern winegrowing countries, with a focus on wines from Australia, Argentina, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, United States (primarily California) and South Africa. In contrast, wines that are described as ‘Old World’ represent wines with a history of wine production entrenched in tradition (and regulation to boot).

New World wines have gained huge popularity and following for their typically punchy, reliable characterful and bold styles. We have worked hard to strike a balance between those selected for their bold fruit, and those more refined and understated. Working with several of our innovative partners across the new world, we have curated the perfect New World wine case to showcase what these regions do best.

Adnams Shiraz

The Grape

The dark-skinned Shiraz grape (or Syrah as it is known outside of Australia), is Australia’s most-widely planted variety - well known for producing full flavoured wines. Originating in the Rhône Valley of France, this grape is responsible for some of the darkest and full-bodied red wines in the world. With thick skins, the Shiraz grape requires long sunny days to fully ripen and develop the wonderfully bold flavours.

The Wine

Our Adnams Shiraz has all the characteristic savoury aromas and brooding dark, bramble fruit on the palate with a hint of spice.

From the lovely, warm vineyards of Australia, where the grapes bathe in warm sunshine, meaning grapes grow to full ripeness - and contribute that textured, dark fruit flavour. The grapes grown for this wine were picked at night when the temperature drops to concentrate the wonderful aromas and flavours. This Shiraz greets you with a punch of flavour, and a lingering spicy finish.

An excellent value, everyday wine with a fabulous full body, this will stand up well to bold foods. Why not pair bring to your late-summer BBQ? The peppery spice will complement your boldly flavoured grill, or pair with strong earthy blue cheese.

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