Southwold is an amazing place to call home. Just a stone's throw away from our brewery and distillery is the beautiful beach where if the temperature is right, a quick dip in the North Sea is quite pleasant. But we all enjoy a holiday, so let our range of spirits offer the perfect vehicle to whisk you away at a moments notice.

Below we have featured some of our most enticing spirits featuring flavours from around the world, but you can view Adnams full range here.

Adnams Habanero and Lime Gin - £29.99

First stop, Mexico! Adnams Head Distiller, John McCarthy, recently enjoyed a break in South America (lucky him!) and became familiar with the habanero pepper in Mexican cuisine. Thinking the flavour would be delicious in a Gin, John decided to pair it with zesty tasting limes and the result is a burst of warmth to wake up the taste-buds.

Adnams First Rate Gin - £32.99

Without needing a plane ticket, we're crossing over the Pacific Ocean to India. Featuring 13 botanicals, First Rate is packed full of complex Indian-inspired flavours. We only take the sweetest, purest cut from our still, which is why the taste really is second to none. If we're in for an Indian Summer this is the perfect gin for it. Best enjoyed with a good quality tonic and plenty of ice, garnish with lemon peel and a fresh sprig of thyme.

Adnams Lemon and Tamarind Gin - £29.99

From India we head east to Thailand. Tamarind has been used as a culinary ingredient in Thai dishes for centuries, the seed pods of the Tamarind tree, contain an edible sweet and sour pulp with a date-like distinctive taste. We launched this seasonal gin at the start of the summer and many of our customers have enjoyed a glass or two whilst basking in the sunshine.

Adnams Rising Sun Gin - £29.99

Another taste sensation from the east, this time a Japanese inspired gin. As well as a special blend of botanicals, we infuse the gin with Japanese matcha tea and lemon grass. The name, Rising Sun is a nod to the East Coast of England, where the sun rises every morning. We would recommend serving this gin with a slither of fresh ginger and slice, to really immerse yourself in the taste of the Orient.

Adnams Limoncello - £27.99

It's not just our gins that can whisk you away, how about an excursion to Italy with our Limoncello? More lemony than an actual lemon (according to one customer's review), this spirit is incredibly fresh and invigorating, silky-smooth and with crisp sweetness. The Italians typically enjoy drinking it neat, served chilled over ice after a hot day spent in the Mediterranean sun. Although we can't depend on the weather in Southwold, that's how we like it too.

Adnams Spirit of Broadside - £34.99

Bringing us back home on what has been a whistle-stop tour of the world through our spirits, we arrive back in Southwold, via France. To create our 'eau de vie de bière', Spirit of Broadside, we take our popular Broadside beer and let it mature in heavily toasted French Oak casks for 12 months. The final spirit has fruit and spice aromas with whisky notes but what makes it so distinctive is the hop flavours that come through from the brewing and fermentation of the beer.