A big thank you as always to our dedicated band of volunteers who found the beach to be noticeably cleaner than usual. Could this be due to better public awareness and efforts to keep litter off the beach and / or the lack of winter storms? Either way, a reduction in rubbish is really good news.

Our team of 74 adults, 12 children and accompanying dogs collected 44 sacks of rubbish, mostly comprising of plastic. The team removed a large piece of heavy-duty fabric - possibly an insulation blanket or a large unbacked rug - we couldn't quite work out what it was. Some of the other unusual finds included a plastic leaf, a party popper, birthday candle and a children's pond dipping net.

At every beach clean we collect data on the type and volume of litter found in the first 100m stretch of beach. This data is fed into the Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch survey.

On our first 100m we collected a total of 231 items compared to 602 in 2018 - that's a huge improvement.

Here's a little film of the day. Thanks again to every volunteer, you've helped us make a big difference.