Adnams stands for conviviality, conversation, and creating memories.

Our values & cULTURE

At Adnams, we encourage our teams to be themselves, have fun, respect others, and ensure that they all have a voice that is heard. We are committed to providing a safe and attractive environment that’s free from prejudice and discrimination, where we all know that mutual respect matters. We are passionate about diversity, and fully understand that when a great mix of people come together, they bring their knowledge, experience, and ideas.


  • - When it comes to our team, we have people who are proud, passionate, curious, and committed to delivering on our purpose.
  • - We provide good work and opportunity for everyone to grow and progress in their career of choice.
  • - We have a culture of trust where differences are valued and where there is absolute equality for all.



We are committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees. We operate a consistent, fair, and transparent job evaluation scheme, to measure the relative value of all roles within our business.


We ensure there is no gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay is a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.


As we look to tackle inequality of all kinds, we will extend this level of scrutiny to all minority groups within our business and will report with the same transparency.

We are committed to conducting regular pay audits and pay reviews and taking swift and specific action to address any inequality should it be highlighted.

SOCIAL inclusion

and openess

As a purpose led, values-driven business, social justice and a sense of fairness are important to us Adnams is unequivocal in its opposition to discrimination in all its forms, towards any group or individual.


We actively stand against-racism and discrimination and drive positive change within our business, our communities, and our industry, now and always. Racism or discrimination of any kind has no place in society and silence is not an option.


We are aware of the long-standing position we hold within our industry, and our role in East Anglian life. We therefore actively interact with key bodies to understand and contribute to issues that directly affect our industry, our business, our communities, and our teams.



We want to do the right thing, the right way, across all we do; even when no one is looking. We have to put our principles into practice and look beyond ourselves. This is especially true in our commitment to equality, diversity, and social justice.


We’re lucky that we have a beautiful beach on our doorstep, so getting out for a walk at lunchtime is rarely a chore. We’ve developed a range of low-alcohol beers and wines which can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle - remember, you can have too much of a good thing!


Adnams is a founding member of ‘Open to Everyone, Closed to Racism.’ We share our hometown with its founder, Jessica Gregson, so we were proud to get involved with this scheme. It aims to assist businesses in visibly promoting inclusivity front-of-house, while supporting them with expertise and education behind the scenes.

Open to everyone

Closed to racism

Adnams is proud to be a founding member of ‘Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism.’ This initiative is working in partnership with Create Not Hate and aims to assist businesses in visibly promoting inclusivity front-of-house, while supporting them with expertise and education behind the scenes.


Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism provides businesses with simple and effective ways to take a stand against racism, with accessible support and a clear brand that helps signal to both staff and customers that they are taking the issue seriously. Its branding appears in our pubs, hotels, retail outlets and offices. We also use its materials to educate our teams and support them in addressing racism, as part of a wider inclusion and diversity programme across the business.