Pathways Care Farm in north Lowestoft provides day care for vulnerable people.

“Pathways Care Farm is small by farm standards, only 13 acres, but it is a beautiful mixture of traditional country farm buildings set around a courtyard, fields for grazing the goats, donkeys and alpacas, gardens for growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, and a truly gorgeous sensory garden.

The main work of the charity is to provide therapeutic support for vulnerable people, those living with mental ill-health, learning difficulties or dementia and the animals and growing activities are a perfect way to give the farm workers meaningful tasks that stimulate the mind and body.

Of course, not everyone wants to be outside in the wind and rain on a dreary February morning so having polytunnels is a great way to start, or continue, the growing process when the sun is hiding.

Polytunnels are superb structures however, they are not cheap. Pathways therefore approached Adnams Community Trust for financial support. The result was the fantastic resource you can see in the photo. We have started much of our planting in here, taught how to sow seeds, pot on, prick out… even used it as a dining room (especially during lockdown, rather than eat indoors).

We can’t imagine life without one now and we are so grateful to Adnams Community Trust for their generosity and their trust in us.”