The Stuff of Legend, Ghost Ship Pale Ale Playlist with Rhythm & Brews.


We challenged Andrew and Luke of Rhythm & Brews to curate ‘The Stuff of Legend Playlist’ a selection of songs to pair with Ghost Ship Pale Ale after a long day adventuring. As you arrive back at base, you can nurture a campfire and pop on their tunes to entertain you through the evening.

Rhythm & Brews is the music and beer pairing podcast, and in their own words, ‘they pontificate about which songs are the best matches for the beers they have selected.’ Each episode features guests from the UK and international beer scene, who bring their own pairings to the table. The result can only be described as ‘eclectic,’ and therein lies the fun.

So how does music pairing work for beer? Andrew explains: “Pairing food and drink with music is not a new thing, and if done well, the song should in some way enhance, amplify or complement the experience of drinking a beer.

“It works in two ways. Firstly, on a tonal level – research has shown that certain frequencies enhance specific flavours as you taste them. Bass notes enhance bitterness, high notes enhance sweetness, discordant or spiky tones enhance sourness. Secondly, certain songs will capture the experiential qualities of the beer – its character, its history, or your personal memories of that unforgettable time when you drank it.”

And how did they select this playlist? “We focussed on that second level - ‘the experiential.’ It offers songs that hopefully capture the best of times when you are drinking Ghost Ship. Some of them tell stories, some are reflections, and some are simply joyous and anthemic. We picked songs to capture those times with friends, with family, or when you’re off on your own at the end of what’s been a legendary day. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s for the simplest of reasons or for reliving one of your best days, we hope there are songs here that you’ll enjoy along with your Ghost Ship.”

The Stuff of Legend, Ghost Ship Pale Ale Playlist can be found on Adnams Spotify.

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