Adnams Orange and Sea Buckthorn Gin is a limited edition, seasonal spirit for spring 2019.

A whirl of fresh orange juice, pineapple, peaches and tropical fruit flavours, this is an intensely fruity gin. Sea buckthorn grows wild all along the sandy east coast of Britain and can be found amongst the dunes at Holkham in North Norfolk. The berries on this hardy, salt-tolerant plant are small, but when crushed, the bright orange-coloured berries release amazingly intense tropical fruit aromas.

Made from grain-to-glass in our small-batch distillery here in Southwold, the brewing team first brew an un-hopped beer, which Adnams Head Distiller John McCarthy distils into our East Coast Vodka. Using the vodka as a base, John redistils it with juniper berries, coriander, orris root, cardamom, sweet orange peel and sea buckthorn to create this gloriously fruity, zesty and delicious gin.

The facts:

ABV: 40%
Taste: Bright citrus and tropical fruit
Available: 70cl bottles online and in Adnams stores now
Serving suggestion: Serve with tonic, ice and garnish with orange zest