Drop anchor and enjoy those long lazy days that stretch out into sundown, with our new laid-back summery brew, Lazy SIPA. With hop flavours as intense as the afternoon sun, refuge can be found in mellow malts and a dry refreshing finish.


When we were looking to create something suited to sunny days and balmy evenings, our Head Brewer, Dan suggested a Cold Session IPA. This emerging style is yet to be defined, but most would agree it’s supposed to be crisp, refreshing and deliciously drinkable. The malt bill should be simple and let the hops sing. Still unsure? Here’s where we get technical. You might want to grab a beer.


Cold SIPAs are similar to lagers and India Pale Lagers in profile, but closer to an India Pale Ale in hop character. They are fermented warmer than lagers, but not as warm as an IPA, sitting at the ‘cold’ end of ale fermentation temperatures. That’s where the ‘cold’ comes from. We’ve used a lager yeast that is comfortable doing its thing in this range. It still manages to produce a beer with a clean profile, instead of those big fruity yeast flavours you normally get from an ale fermentation.


We kept the grist simple and just used Pale Ale malt, to give the brew a super-clean malt profile; allowing the hops to come to the fore. The result is a crisp beer that’s an amazing platform for hop-forward flavours, which in this case have a citrus, resinous and stone fruit profile.


Brewed with Cashmere, Amarillo, and Simcoe, we get to kick back and enjoy wave after wave of orange, sweet lemon, pine, peach, and melon. We recommend you put your feet up and enjoy Lazy SIPA with butternut squash empanadas or a spicy crab salad.


To sign off, Dan describes it in his own words: “It’s crisper than the wind rattling off the North Sea. But don’t be confused, this Cold SIPA is more than a lager, it’s a cacophony of zest. Think kumquats! It’s a favonian whisper* that will break the ice and create a citrus splash.”


Wow! Need we say more?


*Favonian: Like the west wind – gentle and mild.