Health & Safety


At Adnams we work for the long-term and pride ourselves on doing the right thing, it’s what we are all about and what we have been doing for the last 148 years. We will continue to look after our customers, our teams, our communities and the planet - no compromises. We fundamentally believe Adnams should be a force for good.

The trust you have in us means so much. We will continue to listen to, and act on the best advice out there, we will do everything in our power to keep you safe and will share what we know with others, because we are all in this together. We will leave no pebble unturned in doing things better and safer for everyone.


We have made some changes within store, all designed to ensure we are creating a safe environment for you our customers, and our teams. We have invested significantly in training, equipment, new signage and ways of working to demonstrate our commitment to your safety and we are excited to greet you again in store. For more information on which stores are open and what new measures we have in place, please click HERE.


We would like to assure visitors to our pubs, inns, and hotels that the safety and wellbeing of our teams and our guests is of utmost importance. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have swiftly and considerately implemented all recommended health and hygiene precautionary measures and have met the highest standards. Our operational teams keep up to date with the very latest advice and we continue to monitor and follow government and NHS guidance to keep us all safe. Customers should feel confident about visiting us now and in the future. All relevant processes and procedures are also in place for the production and distribution of the products and services we provide.


Throughout the lockdown our brewing, distilling, engineering, warehouse and logistics teams have been working hard to make sure we can still get our beers, spirits and wines to you safely. We made procedural changes along the way to ensure the safety of these teams working here, ranging from the frequency and methods of cleaning surfaces, reducing the number of people on-site by staggering their start and finish times, along with the provision of hand sanitizer and frequent reminders about hand washing guidelines and maintaining the 2m distance. We are working on paperless solutions and risk assessments are reviewed regularly to ensure anything incoming or outgoing is done as safely as we possibly can.


We are pleased now to be fully operating in the brewery and distillery in keeping with plan B covid rules. Our trade teams are ready and available to offer advice on our portfolio of products with recommendations based on your needs, but also on covid safe guidelines should you need any help. We will continue to provide training to all logistics and delivery teams on new health and safety requirements to get our beer, wine and spirits to you safely. Keep an eye on our online ordering app, Rockpool for exciting offers, new news and updates throughout 2022.

Our Customer Service and Sales Team are available to answer any questions. Contact 01502 727200 or email or