Thorpeness Beach Baggers was formed to run the Thorpeness Beach and Village Clean which has taken place every Good Friday for the last 16 years.

“We started as a rag, tag and bobtail group meeting a couple of times a year to first clean Thorpeness beach and then progressively to tidy up the village. Gradually we increased in numbers until we had an embarrassing human resource overload. Besides, the easterly winds were not so prevalent, resulting in a lack of shoreline litter. The answer was to get the team to plant trees, specifically a range of fruit trees on the village sports field – a random orchard project.

Thanks to a grant of £920 from the Adnams Community Trust to purchase the fruit trees, the benefits would be partially educational (how do we all plant fruit trees?) partially beneficial to the community (picked plums, pears, apples, medlars) and not a little village-bonding. This has set the pattern for other green projects including the landscaping of our Heritage Museum and the possible reforestation of areas of Thorpeness.”