“Free from” pancakes with warm fruit compote, orange and Adnams Rye Malt Whisky syrup

serves 6

Perfect for pancake day, our Executive Head Chef, Nick Claxton-Webb has created gluten and dairy-free pancakes topped with a tangy warm fruit and Adnams Rye Malt Whisky compote. Serve with full-fat Greek yogurt, Chantilly cream or vegan coconut whip, delicious!


For the pancakes

You will need:

425mls Coconut milk

250mls Sunflower oil

2tbs Ground flaxseed

2tbs Honey

2tbs Lemon juice

1tsp Vanilla extract

400g Gluten-free flour

1tbs Baking powder

½ tsp Baking soda

¼ tsp Salt



  1. Sift the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Add the other ingredients and mix well. The batter should have a consistency of a thick batter.
  2. Heat a thick-bottomed frying pan or crepe pan over a low to medium heat. Lightly oil the pan and carefully ladle the mixture into the pan in 12cm rounds.
  3. As the bubbles rise to the top of the pancake and set gently flip the pancake with a palette knife or fish slice. You will find that the pancake has turned golden brown on the cooked side. Cook for a further 90 seconds.
  4. Arrange the cooked pancakes on your plates and keep warm. Allow 3 or 4 pancakes per person.

For those looking for more sweetness substitute agave syrup for the honey. You can substitute the coconut milk for soya milk, rice milk or oat milk.


For the fruit

4 Figs, cut into quarters

4 plums, cut into wedges

1 punnet of blueberries

2 kiwi fruit, cut into wedges

24 black seedless grapes, cut in half

50g crushed roasted pistachios


For the syrup

You will need:

3 shots of Adnams Rye Malt Whisky

Zest and juice of 4 large oranges

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

4 tbsp. honey

1 cinnamon stick



  1. In a hot saucepan add the plums, cinnamon stick and the whisky.
  2. Ignite the whisky to burn off the alcohol.
  3. Add the orange zest and juice, vanilla and honey. Add the remaining fruit.
  4. Bring to a boil then remove from the heat. The juices from the fruit will be drawn to the syrup.
  5. Arrange the pancakes onto a platter or individual plates.
  6. Top with the warm compote and serve with full-fat Greek yogurt, Chantilly cream or coconut whip and sprinkle with the crushed pistachios.