So Many Different Worlds is an exciting new take on Southwold Bitter brewed in collaboration with Cloudwater brew company.

What's the story?

Adnams Head Brewer, Fergus Fitzgerald explains:

“Cloudwater is a fantastic brewery based in Manchester. They have been brewing some beautiful, modern, hop-forward beers over the past 4 ½ years. As well as making great beer, they are also as passionate about doing things right for everyone associated with the brewery, so for me it was a real pleasure to brew a beer with them and show them around Southwold.

Paul, the founder of Cloudwater, also has a strong appreciation of more traditional beers, so for this collaboration we wanted to look at marrying the time-honoured with the new by reimagining Southwold Bitter.

Adnams Fergus Fitzgerald and the brewers from CloudwaterOur Southwold Bitter is a classic of its style, much loved by many. We’ve called our Southwold Bitter a few different things over the last 15 years, from Best Bitter, to The Bitter and now Southwold Bitter, but it is always a Bitter (which is an English pale ale).
We wanted to give the Bitter style a bit of love so we looked at what our Southwold Bitter beer would look like if it was being put together from fresh today.

We’ve kept some of the core elements of the beer - the basic structure, the abv, bitterness, and the Adnams house yeast - have not changed at all, but we’ve played with different malts and hops.
I think it’ll be really interesting to taste Southwold Bitter and this reinterpretation side by side and I hope that lots of people will be curious enough to see how they compare.

The name 'So Many Different Worlds' aims to show that there are many styles and perceptions of styles around. Beer lovers may dismiss certain styles as not being 'their thing' and miss out on trying something because they think they might not enjoy it. We hope that this beer will act as a lens into other beer worlds that different sets of drinkers may occasionally overlook."

The facts

IBU: 33
Colour: Copper
Style: Modern English Pale Ale
Tasting notes: So Many Different Worlds retains Adnams Southwold Bitter's classic copper hue, and instead of the earthy, spicy aromas we see in Southwold Bitter we have citrus, a slightly floral note and a little pine from the New Zealand Cascade and the American Centennial hops. The malts give a good bready fullness and the Adnams house yeast does its magic by bringing it all together.
Available in: Cask in selected pubs now and 330ml cans from late July.
Allergens: Contains barley and wheat (Gluten)
Malts: Pale ale, Vienna, Caramalt, Wheat
Hops: First Gold, Centennial and New Zealand Cascade (Taiheke).