Normal as can be

We have opened the vast majority of our pubs and hotels which was very special for lots of reasons. Our teams have been delighted to have been able to welcome you back. I have been around the business and enjoyed the atmosphere which has been HAPPY, welcoming, and reassuring. We have been closely monitoring how and what we do every day and we have adopted some new ways of working that not only help to safeguard everyone but also add to the experience. It was great to see the delivery teams leaving with full loads for pubs and Fergus, our Master Brewer and his team have been even busier brewing the beers we all love to drink and John, our Head Distiller is working hard with his team to distil spirits. James Davis and Sophie Barnard are also busy finding new wines for you to enjoy. Our shops have been open for some weeks and have been very busy working with the new guidelines and making sure you still receive the warmest Adnams welcome, we have been cheered by the feedback about the positive steps we have taken to make things as safe, simple and easy as possible.

Booking Please

To avoid disappointment, please do remember to book in advance when you are planning to come and see us in our pubs and hotels. For our Tenanted Estate, it is best to check their websites and social media as opening times and availability may vary.

Adnams Community Trust

1% of our profit has for more than 29 years been donated to the Adnams Community Trust which supports local charities and causes - it is separate to Adnams plc and now more than ever is needed to support people and organisations in need. Since the outset of this pandemic, the Board of Directors and Senior Management have taken a 50% salary reduction. I am pleased to say the Board has approved a proportion of the saving made being donated to the Adnams Community Trust to enable it to continue its great work in these challenging times.

Leave nothing but footprints in the sand

Fifteen years ago we started cleaning the beaches that are less than 100m away from where I am sitting. Usually, we welcome over 100 of our customers, shareholders and staff and we collect what we can to keep the beach clean and we share a celebratory drink at the end. This time in our 15th year sadly it wasn’t possible, but undaunted and on a blustery day, a dedicated team of Adnams volunteers carried on what is one of our favourite events, that really, for me, brings about the difference that can be made together. We started with just a few people and over the years awareness to this cause has grown significantly, this is something that we will continue to raise awareness too. I am looking forward to welcoming in the near future our beach cleaner friends, their families and dogs back again soon to collect less rubbish as we focus hard on reducing the need for the cleans.

Steve, our Beekeeper

We now have more than 40 hives and more than 1.6 million bees, in a bee corridor that we have grown over the years. The corridor stretches from our eco distribution centre in Reydon all the way to Pakefield. Steve has just harvested 777 lbs of honey which will in the most part be used in our pubs and hotels, some will be sold. Steve also makes the incredible hives from leftover wood in his workshop and the hives are instantly recognisable as Adnams. Thank you Steve for your continued hard work and dedication to all things bees.

Thank you

The one thing we can be certain of is uncertainty. I want to again thank you for your continued custom - every time you choose to buy an Adnams drink, eat with us or stay with us you are supporting our business, our team and communities. Time and again through this crisis the response of our shareholders, staff and customers have proved Adnams is more than just a business.

Wishing you and yours well.

Very best wishes,