Shops and pubs reopening

The 12th of April was a significant day for us with over 80% of our pubs open to welcome customers back. Each pub is in its own way adapting to the location, weather and regulations to ensure that they are able to provide our warm Adnams welcome. For more information please visit their websites and social media channels for the most up to date information, I would also suggest booking to avoid any disappointment. We cannot control the weather so please make allowances for it and layer up, we will do all we can to help.

Most of our stores reopened last week and the teams were so excited to welcome our customers back, the excitement was palpable and it was another step closer to the normality we all seek. It was wonderful to welcome those who came to visit and we can also deliver locally from our stores if that is easier.

Always working

Throughout the pandemic, we have continually brewed. Fergus and his team, despite all the challenges we have faced, have continued to brew safely to meet the demand from our customers here in the UK, but also our customers around the world who enjoy our beers and spirits. We now export to more than 30 countries and only last week Kobold, our premium lager was destined for South Korea!

Distinctively different

Part of who we are is that we are always innovating and evolving new products – our forthcoming collaboration series this year will not only be based on great flavour but also support great causes that are important to us. Sustainability has been at our core for decades, we brewed our first carbon-neutral beer way back in 2008, East Green. Nevermore is made with our friends at Thornbridge Brewery, it’s an India Porter using UK-grown hops. If you wanted to find out more about Nevermore and the collaboration please go to Fergus has made a quick film about how we came about making this.


Our Rye Whisky, the Rye is grown by Jonathan Adnams only a few miles from Southwold. The Whisky continues to win plaudits and won Best English Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards 2021 – a fantastic achievement that recognises the focus on locally sourced ingredients artisan distilling process. There are more exciting developments coming from the team later in the year.

Working to protect our oceans

Kobold, our premium lager continues to raise awareness of the great work of the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), a charity dedicated to restoring the seas. We are working with BLUE to create a vision for the British coast and seas through the establishment of National Marine Parks – we are working with them to develop productive conversations about the purpose, benefits and locations, learning from the pioneering Plymouth Sounds project. We have for more than 15 years held beach cleans and our location on the coast continues to define us.

We will not forget

As we begin to come out of hibernation and look forward to a more certain way of life, it would be remiss of me not to give thanks to all those who have and continue to support the fight against Covid. As a business throughout the last 12 months has continued to deliver Adnams care packages to those unsung heroes who dedicate their time to helping others - we have delivered more than 15,000 packages and it was a privilege to recognise them in a small Adnams way. We like many others also made time to remember those who have sadly lost their lives and the friends and families who will be forever affected.

As ever, lots may change but our commitment to you our customers will not.

Wishing you and yours the very best and we look forward to welcoming you back safely.