Adnams shares food and drink with the community

During the process of temporarily closing our pubs, hotels, inns and stores, we haven't let anything go to waste.

Any perishable items or short-dated stock has been cooked, sorted, organised and distributed. Packs of food and drinks have been shared with team members, neighbours and communities close to each of the properties that stretch across East Anglia.

Nick Attfield, Director of Adnams Managed Properties, commented: “It was important to us that we could do something positive, that would make a difference and help our local community” he added “we look forward to welcoming our customers back soon”.

Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams, commented: “We have incredible teams in our business who continually think about how they can help others first, it is inspiring.”

Andy, added: “we have been playing an active part in our communities for over 148 years, it is so important to us now and will be in the future”