Our twist on a sub-lime gin cocktail

Despite being a veritable cocktail of flavours itself, we just couldn’t resist experimenting with our latest gin, Jardín Mexicano, to produce a drink that showcases its versatility and enhances its invigorating taste.

There is already so much to experience in this 10-botanical bonanza, that we’ve kept things simple, fresh and zesty to let the gin’s characteristics shine through.

McCarthy’s Margarita is inspired by the world-renowned Tommy’s Margarita, which is itself a variation on the classic Margarita recipe. Tommy’s Margarita was created in the 80s and is named after its inventor’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. It uses tequila and agave syrup instead of triple sec and given its birthplace, it works amazingly well with Mexican food.

We’ve played with this famous recipe and made a variation where we’ve swapped the tequila for gin. It was a visit to a Tacoria and Mexican cuisine that inspired our Head Distiller, John McCarthy to make Jardín Mexicano with avocado leaves, and has subsequently led him to suggest this citrus twist on a classic cocktail.

Enjoy it with a big plate of delicious tacos or simply sip on a sunny afternoon.

McCarthy’s Margarita


60ml Adnams Jardín Mexicano Gin

30ml Lime Juice

15ml Agave Syrup


Shake your Jardín Mexicano gin, lime juice and agave syrup with ice and strain into an ice-filled salt rimmed margarita glass. Garnish with a generous lime wedge. For a spicier take on this recipe, you can use Tajin on the rim – a mix of chili, salt and lime, that can be bought ready mixed.

Why not give one a go? We would love to see you pictures so post them on social and tag us in!