2020 - A Year Like No Other

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2020. The hospitality sector was particularly hard hit with it often being one of the first into lockdowns and regularly one of the last to emerge. The year was undoubtedly challenging for our staff, customers, suppliers, and we are enormously grateful for the support of all of them, the long-term perspective and support of our shareholders was particularly notable during our time of need, and we are extremely grateful. Unfortunately, Government restrictions once again meant that we were unable to meet shareholders and hold our AGM. Therefore, in place of the usual company presentations, we put together a short film to highlight some of the challenges we faced throughout the year. I hope it provides you with a sense that we remained strong to our values, continued to make great products, continued to support our communities, and continued to strive to do business in the Adnams way.

As the economy has reopened, we expected to be busy, and we are. Of course, we are committed to following government guidelines and advice and do so in a way that hopefully provides you with a feeling of calm in our shops, pubs, and hotels. Creating safe havens where people can relax and enjoy our hospitality with family and friends secure in the knowledge that we have taken care of everything is so very important to us. Our teams in many cases have gone from zero to 100mph at reopening and have done this with great professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm. I am grateful and thankful to them all. Future bookings are very encouraging, and we would love you to visit us for a quick beer, glass of wine or a longer stay. At this stage can I ask you to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Throughout 2020 and into this year we have continued to transform ourselves using technology and we have some exciting projects that will make ordering easier and order processing and fulfilment more environmentally friendly. Our investment in replacing our core IT systems in 2018/19 came at just the right time and has meant these next steps using digital technology in advanced ways is easier for us to do. We are also communicating across many different digital and social media platforms so please do follow us on your preferred channel where you will find company information, product updates, serving suggestions and competitions and offers.

If you have already visited us, thank you. If not, we look forward to welcoming you soon. 2020 was tough for everyone and I hope this release from lockdown when it comes is sustainable and that we never have to go back there again. Adnams has emerged in good health due in no small part to the support of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and our teams. Heartfelt thanks to all of you. I look forward to updating you again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the film.

Best wishes