Ditchingham Village Hall

Ditchingham Village Hall is at the heart of the community and is well used by residents of Ditchingham and the surrounding villages. It is also home to Ditchingham Pre-School.

“When a group of volunteers decided to tidy up a patch of wasteland behind Ditchingham Village Hall, they were determined to transform it into a community asset that everyone could enjoy. Working together, they decided to create a community garden that would be shared, maintained and enjoyed by the whole village. The first stage of the project was to put a fence in place, to keep the area separate and make it feel safe and private for its users. The Adnams Community Trust supported us with the costs of the fence, which volunteers have subsequently painted a beautiful willow green and carved little wooden animals to decorate it! Work continues on the garden, and we hope that next Spring we will have an outdoor space for all generations in the village to enjoy.”

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