Have you caught a glimpse of our brand-new Ghost Ship 0.5% cans? Everyone’s favourite low-and-no pale ale is now sailing from Southwold in a can that is ideal for chilling and perfect for smuggling away.

Our new, slender 330ml cans offer the same citrus taste, but in a sleek, convenient, fridge-stocking size that’s ideally suited to Ghost Ship 0.5%’s refreshing proposition. With the same great taste, it now has the bonus of being gluten-free in can. Made for outdoor adventure and instant refreshment, they can be stored in a cold spot, or will fit in your backpack for picnics, lunches or spontaneous plans. You can have one to hand, ready for whenever and wherever the moment finds you. 

Ghost Ship is inspired by tall tales of the ghostly ships that haunted the shores of Walberswick. The seeds of these stories were likely sown by smugglers in a plot to keep the Suffolk coast clear. In contrast, Ghost Ship 0.5%’s creative new look invites you in. With its relaxing sunset colours, it’s flying the flag for low-alcohol beer. The new artwork has been painted by a talented local artist with a love of that very same coastline. Keep your eyes on the horizon for more of her work.

Adnams invested in a de-alcoholiser specifically to craft Ghost Ship 0.5%. This reverse osmosis plant allows the team to brew and ferment Ghost Ship 0.5% like all our other beers and then, at cold temperatures, remove the alcohol. It leaves all the lovely flavours from a full fermentation in the beer, allowing it to sail away with those original characteristics.  

Currently, only our new Ghost Ship 0.5% 330ml cans go through the additional validation process that enables us to label them as gluten free. The beer is tested during the production and again after packaging before it is confirmed gluten free and released. We may move to conducting these extra tests on other Ghost Ship 0.5% products in 2024, but in the meantime, it’s great that our cans make it accessible to all.

Ghost Ship 0.5% is brewed with Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Cara Malts which add depth, and a blend of Citra and other American hops for that famous citrus finish and flavours of lemon and lime. You’ll get 100% of the taste, at just 0.5% abv.

Enjoy whispers of aromatic elderflower, bold citrus and gooseberry flavours, and hints of warming rye spice.