Stand Up & Be Counted - take a stand against racism, with us - one step at a time.

We are proud to be a founding member of ‘Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism.’ This new initiative aims to assist businesses in visibly promoting inclusivity front-of-house, while supporting them with expertise and education behind the scenes.

You will soon see its branding appear in our pubs, hotels, retail outlets and offices. We will also be using its materials to educate our teams and support them in addressing racism, as part of a wider inclusion and diversity programme across the business.

Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism. (OECR) is a new platform for business owners with accessible support and a clear brand that signals to staff and customers that they are taking the issue seriously. Create Not Hate, which was set up to help marginalised and under-represented young people gain access to the creative industries, will be the launch beneficiary.

Adnams and OECR founder, Jessica Gregson, share a hometown. Jessica set up the initiative in the wake of last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests. Based in a small coastal town, she wanted to create something visual, thought-provoking, and simple, that business owners could share in their high street store fronts. The idea was that together, these small actions would be amplified into something more noticeable.

Those wishing to take a stand may not know where to start, so OECR is a visible first step on this journey, providing printed and digital signage to place in shop windows, on company websites and literature. These assets have been created by LA-based international design agency, Tommy. The supporting literature was developed in association with Creature & Co, the publishers of Nat Geo Kids who have expertise in providing clear, digestible information.

Businesses can become members via the website. Buying a pack gives you access to the OECR platform as well as physical assets like window stickers, posters, digital content for online media, a growing library of practical learning resources and a network of consulting organisations. The cost includes a donation to Create Not Hate, the first in a line of grassroots organisations that will benefit from the initiative.

Jessica said: “We offer a way for people who haven’t necessarily directly suffered from racism, but want to take a stand, show solidarity and help to create change. We will give businesses the tools and the confidence to make the first steps that lead to lasting change.”

Adnams CEO, Andy Wood added: “Standing to fight racism in whatever form is critically important to me personally, to our business, and to society. Supporting Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism will enable and empower people and businesses to create change for the better. We all can and should make a positive difference.”

These sentiments were echoed by Trevor Robinson, founder of Quiet Storm and Create Not Hate:’ “Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism is a brilliant and brave organisation – I love the simple but powerful way it confronts racism. I’m conscious of the impact of racism because it’s affected me since I was born. The fact that Jess has felt compelled to do this as someone who does not share these experiences is truly inspiring. Create Not Hate is grateful and excited for this partnership and we look forward to seeing the powerful impact we can make together.”

You can expect to see the initiative rolled out across Adnams businesses from 27th April 2021 and you can find out more here.