Keeping things Currant

Introducing a brand-new addition to Adnams’ Copper House family, Copper House Blackcurrant Gin. Set to join our original Dry Gin and Copper House Pink on the smartest of gin shelves, you’ll find it easy to pick; just like the fruit in its recipe.

We wanted to produce a fruit-forward, hedgerow-style gin, that used locally grown fruit. We were delighted to discover that blackcurrants were available in abundance in East Anglia, as we were going to need lots of them for our recipe. Our Head Distiller, John, balanced the crisp, bittersweet blackcurrant fruit and Juniper’s tart citrus flavours, with botanicals that deliver sweet, woody accents, producing a gin that's evocative of an English hedgerow.

Like other Copper House Products, Copper House Blackcurrant Gin starts life as East Coast Vodka. Unlike Copper House Pink, which is based on Copper House Dry Gin, the Copper House Blackcurrant recipe is entirely new. It includes Juniper Berries, Blackcurrant Puree, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Star Anise, Cardamom, Cassia Bark, and Liquorice Root.

A delicious duet of bittersweet fruit from the distillation of East Anglian blackcurrants and a generous helping of juniper.

Aroma: Blackcurrant juice and citrus juniper

Taste: Bittersweet blackcurrant fruit, citrus, and liquorice sweetness

Finish: Mellowing sweetness that dries to reveal light notes of aniseed and cinnamon.

Perfect Serve: Serve with ice and tonic, and garnish with blackcurrants or fresh berries

To complement this fruit-forward gin, we have created the Copper House Bramble, why not give this eye-catching cocktail a go!

You will need: