G & Tea with First Rate Gin

If you are looking to host an afternoon of civilised conversation over some delicate delicacies, then try your hand at our summery selection of gorgeous gin cocktails. Like finger sandwiches and crumbly scones, they’re just made for afternoon tea.

Aromatic herbs and spices mix seamlessly with hints of citrus peel in Adnams First Rate Gin. This combination of flavours makes it the ideal selection for a G & Tea cocktail. A refreshing and light cocktail, its clean citrus qualities and the tea’s cleansing astringency are boosted by First Rate’s complex characteristics.

You will need:

25ml lime

1 egg white

25ml Green Tea Syrup. Made with 2 or 3 Green Teabags (according to taste), plus 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water

Garnish with lime peel


  • Make your Green Tea Syrup in advance.
  • Add ice in glass to chill.
  • Add ingredients to shaker and dry shake.
  • Add ice to shaker, shake again.
  • Strain onto chilled glass.
  • Garnish with lime twist.