Adnams William Godell

'Celebrating the 'father of Southwold''

ABV 4.5%

Tasting notes and ingredients

Amber in colour, it has a distinctive aroma of tropical fruits and gooseberries. We have used a recipe of barley, oats and wheat, with a small amount of modern Nelson Sauvign hops giving the beer a smooth, creamy texture.

What’s the story?

Brewed to celebrate 500 years since William Godell’s land was bequeathed to the town of Southwold. Described as ‘the father of Southwold’, Godell was a rich businessman and landowner who left Southwold Common to local people upon his death. Each year, people from the Town commemorate the bequest by beating the boundaries on the anniversary of his death.

Want to know more?

William Godell Celebratory Ale is based on a recipe from the early 1500s, when brewing was predominantly women’s work. Beer was then a staple food as the water supply was very polluted, and women, known as ‘alewives’ or ‘brewsters’, were responsible for producing beer to provide for their families.

Adnams’ female brewer Belinda Jennings and a team of female volunteers produced this limited edition celebratory brew to preserve the traditions of female ‘brewsters’.

The beer is packaged ‘champagne style’ in a 750ml bottle and cork closure making it the perfect beer to share with friends or celebrate that special occasion.

Further information on William Godell visit Southwold Museum.

(3.38 units per bottle)

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