The Adnams Southwold 10k Run

The date for the 2017 Adnams Southwold 10k run was Sunday 26th November.

Photos of the 2017 Adnams 10k are available on Flickr here.

Adnams 10k medal 2017

Click here for 2017 Adnams 10k Results

The Runners Wall

Adnams 10k 2016 Runners WallThank you to everyone who visited our runners wall to find their name and shared photos with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #Adnams10k!


The Beer Station Returns!Adnams 10k beer station

Don’t get too excited, as the samples are mouthful-sized! Our beer station opens after the first lap, which will gave some of our runners something to look forward to!


A little bit about how the 10k started

It started as a ‘good idea’ to help us raise funds for a Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge in 2009, but the Adnams Southwold 10k seems to have become a permanent fixture on the Adnams’ events calendar. A few of us here are runners and thought it would be a great idea to organise an event in out home town. The date was originally chosen to fit with our Million Makers Challenge, but the cold, wet and windy conditions seemed to suit those who wanted to feel heroic as they crossed the finishing line. So the annual date is set for mid-to-end November. As you’d expect from Adnams, there’s a fantastic goody bag at the end containing  a medal, beer for over 18s and other lovely things. Bananas and water are freely available at the finish line, and there’s a couple of loo stops on the way should the need arise!

You can see the route here (it’s a circular route with two and a bit laps with an extra uphill section at the end – but it’s okay as you can see the pub in the distance!).

You may also be interested to read Liz’s kilometer by kilometer guide to the course here.

We also have our own 10k training plan – find out more and download it here.

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