East Green – the first carbon neutral beer from the coast

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Great tasting and Green

A UK first
At Adnams we believe in doing the right thing – not just because it makesusfeel good, but because it makes business sense. From investment in our eco-distributioncentre and energy efficient brewhouse, through to our lightweight bottle andEnvironmental Action Group we believe that Adnams is at the forefront of theenvironmental agenda.

Rather than sitting back basking in the glory of our award-winning efforts, wewill continue to push ourselves and explore opportunities to further reduceour carbon footprint. Our eventual aim is to become carbon neutral, only whenw ehave made all the practical changes possible will we offset the remaining carbon.And only then will we use Gold Standard accredited schemes.

Our latest project is East Green – the UK’s first carbon neutral beer.A beer with all the fantastic quality and taste Adnams is famous for.

East Green – Another great tasting Beer from the Coast
A light golden beer with subtle citrus and grassy hop aromas, dry and refreshingwith well-balanced bitterness.
4.3% abv
£ 1.79 500ml
Maris Otter malted barley
Boadicea Hops
Buy East Green Carbon Neutral Beer Online

Where did the name come from?
There are many Greens in Southwold – the one outside our brewery is calledEast Green. Southwold is one of the UK’s most easterly towns, the ingredientscome from the and the beer has the best green credentials – the nameof this beer just had to be East Green!

What makes it carbon neutral?
High yielding barley, grown and malted in East Anglia
English Boadicea Hops are naturally aphid-resistant, reducing need for pesticides
Adnams energy efficient brewhouse
Adnams lightweight beer bottle
Tiny amount of remaining CO2 will be offset.

Who has done the research?
Adnams has worked with the University of East Anglia’s CRed team for a numberof years. CRed has established itself at the cutting edge of carbon reductionprogrammes, and with offices throughout the UK have worked on carbon reductionwith HSBC, The FA and Ipswich Town Football Club.

What has been countedin the carbon footprint?


East Green pre 2006


East Green Post 2006

How much is offset?
0.004p per bottle

Who is doing the offsetting?

Climate Care
The Climate Care team has had experience of developing and sourcing emissionsreduction projects since 1998.
A recent Which? Report declared that “Climate Care was the most transparent,with Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, Pure and the World Land Trust also highlyrated.”

What is the Carbon Trust’s involvement?
The Carbon Trust’s logo has been included on the back label to celebratethe fact that Adnams became their Carbon Innovator of the Year 2007. This isthe first time the Carbon Trust has allowed their logo to be placed on a product.

Is all Adnams beer carbon neutral?
Adnams Bitter, Broadside and Explorer have a lower than average carbon footprintdue to the savings we have made in production of the bottle, the relianceon local raw materials and our energy-efficient brewhouse. East Green isthe firstwe will offset with Climate Care.

Taste and enjoy – available from Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores and Tesco stores from Monday28 April 2008



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